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Player Spotlight - Aaron James

Player Spotlight - Aaron James

By Dan Winner
6 May
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Aaron James sponsored by Shears Inn, Liversedge.

What age did you start playing and where at? I started playing at 11 at Batley Boys and been here ever since.

Playing Strength – my strength, fitness and my game talk.

Which players/person inspired you during your playing career and why? Can’t think of any one person, I started playing when a school friend asked me to play and watching other older age groups inspired me to keep playing and growing as a player.

Favourite past/present player – Jamie Peacock

Favourite Memories/Moments in rugby league – Our Challenge Cup run last year and winning the division final.

Best Coach and why? I would have to say Big Shez he always brought out the best in me and the team, knew how to make us be the best we could be and use our strengths to aid the team.

Any advice for any of our junior players?? Always train and listen to your coaches and you will always improve. Respect your team and your opposition and most of all enjoy your games.
Favourite Food? Lasagne, chips and garlic bread by far the best food ever.

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